5 Types Of Cocktail Dresses

A cocktail party is a semiformal event that requires you to wear appropriately. If you are planning of attending a cocktail party, here are some of the most common types of cocktail dresses that you can choose from:

Little black dress

It was designed in 1926 by a French designer. The good side with the dress is that it looks good on almost every girl regardless of the girl’s body shape. The dress is also very easy to accessorize.


The A-line is characterized by a slimmer top and a flared out bottom. Most of the outfits have a hem that goes below the knee. The dresses are ideal for those who are interested in hiding their thicker flaws either on their legs or behind. The good side with the outfit is that it looks good in every lady who wears it.

Strapless dresses

They are usually made from high quality materials such as chiffon and silk. They also come in great designs that make a bold statement when you walk into a room. They often have fitted bodices and fitted waists that are highlighted using a ribbon or a sleek belt.

The necklines vary depending on the design of the outfit; however, the most common necklines are straight and sweetheart.


This is a classic silhouette that looks great on ladies with straight figures. It’s characterized by a high neckline and a straight skirt that starts from darts that are sewn at the bust resulting into an unstructured waistline.

The outfits are usually sleeveless or come with cap sleeves. It has a number of jewelry such as diamonds and pearls.

Shaped shift dress

It’s similar to a shift dress; however, it has a structured waistline that hits at the natural waist. The most common outfit is the sleeveless or cap-sleeved dress. The outfit comes with a hemline that hits at or above the knee. To increase the look of the outfit you should wear accessories such as wool crepe, silk blend, or wool boucle.


These are some of the main types of cocktail dresses. For an ideal look you should ensure that the dress is above the knee.

You should also ensure that you wear the right shoes. According to experts, the best shoes to wear are high heels. These shoes will not only increase your height, but they will also give you a great look.

For the outfit to last for a long time, you should ensure that you buy it from a reputable store.

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Article Source: Duncan_Lancer