Boiled Wool Coats and Jackets for Women – Designer Fashion With Unique Qualities and Fabulous Style!

Long held in high esteem by fashion-conscious women in Europe, boiled wool is an amazing fabric that has made its way to our shores in recent years in the form of fine designer coats and jackets. The product of an ancient technique which has been handed down and refined throughout the ages, this distinctive fabric is made of natural wool fibers that are first knitted, then processed chemical-free. The result is a light supple fabric soft to the skin, without the itchiness of regular wool.

Boiled wool has been steadily growing in popularity here in the United States, coming on strong as a player in U.S. women’s fashion. This fabulous fabric has been showing up as women’s designer outerwear in fashion boutiques across the nation, as well as in fine department stores, such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

Simply put, boiled wool is knitted wool that is exposed to a washing process of heat and water, using big specialized washing machines. During this process, the fabric shrinks up to 40 percent. As it shrinks, it is transformed into a supple, felted fabric that is dense yet comfortably lightweight, making it highly durable and remarkably warm. The washing process uses no harsh chemicals, thus producing a soft fabric that will not irritate your skin and is inherently resistant to water, wind and soil.

Felting imparts unique qualities to the natural wool fiber, including extraordinary climatic properties. Similar to a modern micro fiber, boiled wool fabric has an exceptional ability to block the chill of wind and moisture outside, while maintaining a constant temperate zone of cozy warmth inside. The natural wool fibers wick moisture and sweat away from the skin. Coats, jackets and vests made of this wonderful fabric are soft and stylish, with a naturally breathable comfort.

Primarily used for top quality ladies coats, jackets and vests, boiled wool is incredibly strong and exceedingly resilient, allowing designer garments made from this unique fabric to stretch with movement, yet marvelously retain their shape over the years.

With its built-in climate control, this dense lightweight fabric provides discerning women with stylish outerwear that is suitable for different seasons and varied temperatures. It will keep you warmer in cold weather than heavier-weight fabrics. The elegant felted fabric is perfect for designer winter coats, spring jackets or fall vests. It also works quite well for layering.

It’s no wonder that in the realm of designer coats, jackets and vests, discriminating women are increasingly on the lookout for top quality boiled wool outerwear to fit their sense of fashion and active lifestyle!

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Article Source: Linda_Gorsline