Shopping For Plus Size Dress Online

The days when larger sized women had to wear outfits that were not stylish at all simply because they could not find anything that was attractive, beautiful and yet fitting are long gone. Designers have now greatly taken the needs of plus size women to look their best even with their sizes [...]

Matching Evening Gowns to Body Shapes

Do you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable in an evening gown? Is getting dressed up the last thing you look forward to doing? What if there was a way you could feel confident and elegant even dressed up? Or what about sexy? Who doesn’t want to feel sexy? There is a way. If you know what your [...]

Vintage Prom Dresses

Prom nights are special events; therefore, you should ensure that you look your best. While this is the case, you should avoid looking like everyone else. One of the best ways of being unique is going for vintage prom dresses. The dresses are unique depending on the era that they were made: 1940s [...]

5 Types Of Cocktail Dresses

A cocktail party is a semiformal event that requires you to wear appropriately. If you are planning of attending a cocktail party, here are some of the most common types of cocktail dresses that you can choose from: Little black dress It was designed in 1926 by a French designer. The good side with [...]

Getting It Right With A Formal Dress

If you wish to stand out at the ball, the first step you need to take is ensuring that you have selected the right formal dress for the occasion. Formal dresses are in a wide range of styles, designs, fabrics and colors as well as gorgeous prints all of which can make you stand out from the crowd. [...]