Women’s Shoes for Every Occasion

Shoes are an accessory that most women can’t live without. They have the ability to transform any outfit and exude your own style. However, with so many different types of shoes, it is incredibly important to choose the right shoe for every occasion. So if you are going for a night out with the girls, you will wear a different shoe than if you were going for a run in the park. Every activity requires different footwear to allow for style and comfort. Here are just some of the different women’s shoe types and the occasions that they are designed for.

Heels and Pumps

These type of shoes are more elegant and have sleek style that is ideal for special occasions or work related functions. This type of shoe offers lift and often has an open top. This can be used create a sexy style, but is also seen as acceptable work footwear. These shoes often have either leather or micro fiber and come in countless variations and colors. This allows you to mix and match styles until you create the perfect look. Heels are great for work, but they are often reserved for special occasions like dates, weddings, parties or work related events. When you want to look your best and attract attention, heels or pumps are the go-to option for most women.


This type of women’s shoe can be either casual or formal depending on the style. There are platform sandals, gladiator sandals and wedge sandals that have casual appeal, but are also perfect for everyday wear. This type of shoe is versatile and can be dressed up or down with your attire. Traditional thong sandals are slightly different, because they are served for beachwear or causal wear that is really informal. Wearing flip flops to work is not a common practice, but gladiator sandals can be a work option, in some instances.

Mule Shoes

Mule shoes are flats or heeled shoes that have a covered front and an open back. The front of the shoe is often rounded or squared for added style. Mule shoes are often made of leather and are a more formal shoe option that can be paired with trousers for work or with jeans for more casual wear that is still stylish. Heeled mules are the style option that is popular among working women in the office, because this shoe is comfortable and great looking.

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